Weight loss wisdom and inspiration from cycling blogger Scott Cutshall

At our bike shop Lexington we love to hear how bicycling and fitness have changed people's lives in positive ways.
When Scott Cutshall, blogger at Large Fella on a Bike was told by his doctor that he was on death’s doorstep, he got a bicycle custom-made to bear his near-500-lb frame. For the first 2 months, he didn’t ride it for fear of breaking it.  Slowly, he built a routine of cycling daily and changed his eating habits radically. Now, he says, "Everything I do, from the time I get out of bed, is a lead-up to being on the bike. I'm connected to it, big time. It's not love, but it's huge. I wouldn't be here without it. That bike is a piece of me."
After a few years of cycling, Scott had dropped more than 300 lbs, though he was never competing to be “biggest loser”, he just wants to be healthy. "It's not about a goal weight. I'm just doing what's healthy for my body, and the results will follow."


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