Monday, May 21, 2012

Get Those High School Athletes in Shape this Summer with Schellers Fitness

Home Fitness for Your High School Athlete

Summer is approaching and now is the time to motivate those teens to get serious over the summer about there fitness.  Since the mid 1980s treadmills have been gaining popularity as a tool to increase speed for power sports like football, soccer, and basketball. Research has proven that running uphill on a treadmill can increase the muscle activity in quads, glutes, & calf muscles. And with virtually no impact, treadmill training is not only effective in increasing speed and agility, but is extremely safe. Help your high school athlete improve their mechanics, increase strength and conditioning, and overall begin the new school year in top-notch shape without even leaving home.  

Get ideas and check out a few great treadmill workout plans in Fitness Magazine by CLICKING HERE.

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