Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bike shop Clarksville IN: Amazing results of learning on balance bikes

Balance bikes are one of our big sellers at our bike shop Clarksville, IN. Have you heard about balance bikes like Strider? These bikes are replacing training wheels and tricycles and toddlers are not looking back!
The balance bike allows children to safely experience the real balance of a bicycle. As they develop the balance in steering and posture, they gradually rely on their legs for balance less and less. These bikes have kids riding much earlier, with fewer spills, and instill great confidence in little riders. Check out this video to see youngsters taking them over boulders, jumps, and BMX track. wow!
If you want to check out Strider balance bikes in the Lexington, Louisville, or Clarksville, IN area, come into one of our shops. We are happy to let littles try em out.

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