Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Looking for a Great Deal on a Treadmill this Holiday Season? Look No Further than Scheller's Fitness and Cycling!

As part of the new TRUE Motivation Series, the M30 treadmill offers you the highest in quality with the smallest impact on your budget. The M30 rivals anything in its class and is the perfect piece of home fitness equipment to help you reach your goals. Plus, with an overall length of just 74", the M30 treadmill maximizes workout space in your home. Find your motivation today with a M30 treadmill. 

Sale: $1699
True M30 Treadmill...Lowest Price True Treadmill in 20 Years!

Excellent Deal on a Great Looking and Durable Stroller!

BOB Revolution SE Stroller

Regularly: $449.99
SALE PRICE: 379.99
While Supplies Last

Save up to $100 on BOB Trailers' Strollers! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Save $100 or $300 on Vision Ellipticals Just In Time for the Holidays!

Come to Schellers Fitness and Cycling and check out the indoor fitness equipment we have to offer. We are always looking for ways to save you money and keep you fit, and these Vision X20 (Traditional and Complex Console) Ellipticals are exactly that!

The Traditional Model comes with an easy-to-read LCD screen, and the following workout modes: Fat Burn, Incline, Intervals, Manual, Mountain, Muscle Toner, Rolling Hills. 

The Deluxe Model has a larger LCD readout, but that's not the most important thing about the upgrade. Vision's Deluxe console also features their anaerobic SPRING 8 program: a powerful interval workout that can jump-start your day in only 20 minutes.

At Schellers Fitness and Cycling, we're giving you $100 off the traditional model, and an incredible $300 off the deluxe model! (while supplies last)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Got a few cyclist to buy for this holiday season? You can can check them all off of your list at Scheller's Fitness and Cycling! We've got a huge selection of bikes, accessories, parts, clothing and more for you to choose from. And if you can't decide, you can get a gift card for your friend or loved one.

We'd love to help you pick out the perfect gift, so stop by your local Scheller's location, or shop online at www.Schellers.com

Monday, December 10, 2012

Having Trouble Finding the Right Gift? Try a Gift Card!

We know it can be tough to get the perfect present, especially when you're at Scheller's and there are so many great products to choose from! Grab a gift card in any amount $10 or more.

Everyone's got a friend or relative that is hard to shop for. With a Scheller's gift card, you know it will be the right color, and the right size. Get yours today at your local Scheller's location, or online HERE.

Christmas is almost here! Don't waste any time!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Powerful Trail Ready Mountain Bike: the 2013 Trek 4900 Disc at Scheller's Fitness and Cycling!

As a cyclist, and specifically a mountain rider, you know that words can only do so much to describe an amazing bike. The only way to truly know how the bike feels is to ride it around a little and experience it for yourself. We encourage you to come to Scheller's Fitness and Cycling to check out and test ride the 2013 Trek 4900 Disc! Trek's 4 series bikes are modeled after their XC bikes, using an oversized stem and handlebar to increase stiffness, give confidence, and handle precisely.

It's shock absorbing front suspension fork allows the front wheel to travel up and down over bumps while the handlebars remain steady for a comfortable, controlled ride. This is just a part of the reason that the 4900 Disc has Trek's Trail Ready Certification, which means that the frame has passed strict tests regarding durability and impact standards. It is more than ready to handle the rigors of real off-road riding.

Probably the best feature on this bike are the handlebar-mounted controls that let you lock out your suspension on the fly, without having to move your hands from the handlebars. As the terrain changes, you'll be ready at the flip of a switch. The disc brakes (indicated by the "D" in the model name) offer the absolute strongest stopping power in all conditions, including wet and muddy.

Once again, it's important that you see and ride this bike for yourself to make the best decision. You can come to any one of our five locations. We have two in Lexington, two in Louisville, and one in Clarksville. You can reach us at (812) 288-6100 or visit our website at www.schellers.com

We'll be waiting for you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Full Suspension 29er Mountain Bike For Women? Yes, It's the 2013 Trek Lush 29er SL

The 2013 Trek Lush 29er SL is a brand new bike for 2013 and it fits women of all sizes. It utilizes sophisticated tube shapes made out of their Alpha Platinum aluminum to find the greatest combination of strength and weight for today's women cyclists.

29" wheels are one of the features which allow for better traction by increasing the contact area of the wheel to the ground. The sheer size of the 29" wheels aid in helping the rider pass over rocks and stumps they would undoubtedly encounter while on the trail.

Trek has really gone out of their way to make their WSD (Women's Specific Design) bikes an awesome fit for women. Trek knows that a great-fitting bike is a joy to ride. The better the fit, the greater the comfort, stability, power and control. The WSD 29er geometry is designed to offer best-in-class standover, low hand position, and a low center of gravity for responsive handling, ultimate control, and unbeatable comfort.

The Lush also comes equipped with a Magnesium EVO Link that connects the main frame to the rear triangle with a one-piece rocker link. The main benefit of this link is that it acts as a mini-shock, absorbing some of the smaller bumps in the road.

Women who are serious about mountain biking should seriously consider picking up the Lush 29er SL. We have this bike, as well as the rest of Trek's awesome collection of bikes at Scheller's Fitness and Cycling. We have five great locations to serve you best: two in Lexington, two in Louisville, and one in Clarksville. If you come to one of our stores, we'd be happy to get you on a test ride of the 2013 Lush 29er SL, or any other bike that catches your eye. Come by today or call (812) 288-6100.


Friday, October 26, 2012

The 2013 Trek Madone 2 Series Available for Test Rides at Schellers Fitness and Cycling

For years, the Trek Madone was a leading carbon fiber road racer used by local riders as well as Lance Armstrong.  The light weight and advanced design of the Madone carbon frame gave cyclists a big performance edge over others not as lucky to be riding this bike.  Trek has recognized the need to bring the design of the Madone down to a lower price point so for 2013, Trek is introducing two Madone models in aluminum.  The Madone 2.1 and 2.3 deliver a lot of the benefits of their carbon big brother but at half the price.

Equipped with a carbon fork and seat post and Shimano 105 10 speed components the Madone 2 series is perfect for racing, triathlons, weekend group rides or that early Saturday morning ride by yourself where you just want to see where the road takes you.

With five locations in the Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville, we invite you to come in and check out the 2013 Madone.  If you have questions, please give us a call.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2013 Trek Bikes Tested at Interbike Brought to You Scheller's Fitness and Cycling

Every year, the bicycle industry gathers for the Interbike Trade Show where all the manufacturers put on display the new bikes, clothing, and accessories you will find at Schellers Fitness and Cycling in the upcoming season.  New models, new colors, and new technology gets the people in the shop excited about the upcoming year.  This trade show was no exception with the Trek bike line looking hotter than ever.

The Madone (4.5 pictured), Trek's flagship road race bike is redesigned and better than ever!  The new 7 series frame has dropped in weight down to just 750 grams yet it's still as stiff and solid as previous Madones.  Utilizing the new KVF tube shape, the aerodynamic improvement delivers an extra 25 watts in performance and for the Madone rider, that can be the difference between winning and finishing in the pack.  Looking to get into road riding but want to be conservative with your bicycle budget, the Madone now comes in affordably priced aluminum models with prices under $2,000 and the 1 series bikes with models starting at $739.  


Looking to save some money or burn less oil and want to start bike commuting to work or school or just want to burn some calories on the bike trail?  Then consider the FX (7.2 pictured) category of flat bar road bikes.  Each model has an upright, comfortable riding position with the base model starting at under $600.  Bicycle commuters and recreational cyclists all over our region have relied upon the Trek FX to get them where they need to go.

With five locations in the Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville, we invite you to come in and check out the 2013 Treks.  If you have questions about the new models, please give us a call.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to school bike fittings at Schellers (Lexington, Clarksville, Louisville)

Start your kid's school year off right with a bike fitting!
If your child is riding a small bike, they may find it tiring and uncomfortable to ride. A too large bike can be dangerous, as your child will not have proper control of it.
Our bike shops (Lexington, Louisville, Clarksville) measure bikes to fit the proportions of the rider, and can make adjustments to any part of your bike for better fit, improving your bike's performance and your riding experience.
Every style of bike has different fit guidelines.
Kids’ bikes sizes are based on the wheel size. You can find size using general age guidelines, but it is the child's size, rather than their age, that will determine what size bike they need.
Wheel sizes according to approximate age of child:
14" will fit approx. 4-6 year old
16"- 5-8 year old
18-20"- 7-10-year old
24"- 10 and older

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Go anywhere with the 2013 Trek DS 8.4 at Scheller's shops in Louisville, Lexington, and Clarksville

One of the most exciting 2013 bikes Scheller's already has in stock at our five bike shops in Louisville, Lexington, and Clarksville IN is the Trek Dual Sport. Trek Dual Sport delivers precisely what the name suggests- outstanding performance on the road and on the trail. With its upright handle bars and front suspension fork, the bike is also built for comfort on a longer touring or cross country ride. The aluminum frame reduces weight to the minimum possible on a bike in this price range by using hydro forming instead of traditional round tubes.  By changing the shape where necessary, the Gary Fisher designed frame can be wide where necessary for strength, aerodynamically shaped where possible, and narrow and light where weight is the only consideration. 
The DS comes with 27 gears. With such a wide range of options the rider can find the perfect choice for the steepest hills, long gradual climbs, or aggressive downhill action.
If you are looking for a reliable go-anywhere bike, come into Scheller’s and take the DS 8.4 for a test ride.

Friday, August 24, 2012

See our 2013 Trek Racesport 1.5 video review- Louisville bike shop

Watch this 1-minute review from Scheller's Louisville bike shop of the 2013 Trek Racesport 1.5 road bike. We have these new bikes in at all of our five locations, available for test rides. 
The 2013 Racesport 1.5 has shed weight, riding lighter than ever with it's 100 series aluminum frame and carbon fork legs. The frame uses Trek's h2 geometry. The racesport road bike is a great bike for enthusiasts or anyone in the market for a tour tested, comfortable, aluminum road bike. 
Come in and try this capable and light road bike out on the pavement for yourself. It is great on climbs, aggressive downhill riding, and the braking is excellent for very clean, confident stops.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Now in: 2013 Trek 3500 Disc Mountain Bike at 5 Scheller's bike shops

Come check out the brand new 2013 Trek 3500 Disc Mountain Bike at Scheller's bike shops in Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville IN, and see for yourself what has made the 3500 Disc Treks' most popular mountain bike. Get the skinny on the design and features of this lightweight, aggressive mountain bike in this short 2 minute video from Scheller's bike experts.  Responsive disc brakes, wide range of gears, frame using hydroforming, excellent suspension for maximum control, and more on this moderately priced mountain bike.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Test ride the 2013 Madone 3.1 H2 Road Racing Bike at bike shop Clarksville IN

In our new 2013 Trek lineup, now in stock at our bike shops in Clarksville, IN, Lexington, and Louisville, we are showing the 2013 Madone 3.1, a lightweight road and racing machine built with Trek's H2 geometry. Check out this short video about this latest model from Trek.
The frame is ultra light, built with the 300 Series OCLV Carbon, and including a carbon road fork. The carbon construction means this bike weighs in at about 165 grams less than an aluminum frame counterpart.
The Madone utilizes Shimano total integration, allowing the rider to shift gears and brake from the same place, without lifting hands from the handlebars. The Shifters are Shimano 105 10 speed, attached to the Shimano Tiagra front derailleur as well as the Shimano 105 rear derailleur.
Having all these shimano parts makes for effortless compatibility, ensuring that you will always achieve a smooth, confident shift.

Road enthusiasts, come into one of our five Scheller's locations to take this brand new bike for a spin, and check out others from our 2013 lineup. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A look at the 2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.4 at Scheller's bike shop

You may have already heard about the 2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.4 that we have in at Scheller's bike shops in Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville IN. 
We previously mentioned the bike's 27 gears, offering you the versatile action for steep hills, gradual climbs, and downhill action. Today we take a peek at the Shimano drivetrain on the Dual Sport bike.
The drive train uses Shimano Alivio M431, 48/36/26 w/chainguard with a matching Alivio derailleur in the front. For the rear cluster a SRAM PG-950 11-32, 9 speed cassette and dependable Shimano Deore derailleur. 
All of these gears are controlled by a Shimano 9-speed trigger shifter for sure and easy handling.
There is nothing simpler- 
one button makes it harder to pedal. The other makes it easier to pedal. This is just one of the user-friendly features on the DS, a bicycle designed for maximum versatility and comfort everywhere you take it.
Come in and take the new DS 8.4 for a test ride at Scheller's.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2013 Trek DS Dual Sport 8.1 now available at Scheller's bike shops

Scheller’s has the 2013 Trek DS 8.1 on the floor at all our bike shop locations in Clarksville IN, Louisville, and Lexington. This is the all in one bike, perfect for any conditions. It performs equally on and off-road. This bike is great for anyone from fitness junkies, daily commuters, trail riders, and is even fun for the less intense mountain biking trails.
Trek achieves this with a large frame clearance so you can put beefier tires on it for rough terrain. The Alpha Gold aluminum frame is light and uses a mix of mechanical and hydro forming to create more complex tube shapes. This means the bike is wide and stiff where it counts, and light and narrow where it needs to be. It is equipped with an all Shimano drive train, keeping all the components compatible, consistent, and reliable. Comfort is not forgotten with gel-coated grips, and the Bontrager SSR saddle. These are gender-specific  saddles that feature Bontrager’s exclusive contoured relief zone for better pressure dispersal.
If you are a rider who wants to transition easily from morning commute, to recreational trail riding, to weekend errands, this bike gives you everything you need. Stop by Scheller’s for a test ride!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In stores now: 2013 Trek DS Dual Sport 8.4

Now at all Scheller's bike shops in Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville, we have the new 2013 Trek 8.4 Dual Sport bikes in and on the floor! These bikes are designed for all uses, speedy and efficient on the road, and equally capable on dirt or other loose terrain. This is truly the only bike you need!
In this short video, learn about how the Dual Sport's design allows it to be capable in all types of cycling. The DS are rugged, versatile, and built for comfort, even on long distance rides. 
See what changes the 8.4 model brings in this video.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

2013 Trek 7.2 FXl Fitness Bike: Review Give High Praise

Cycling Enthusiast and Author of "Bike for Life:  How to Ride to 100," Roy Wallack reviewed four fitness bikes in a recent column for the Los Angeles Times.  He had this to say about the fitness bike category:

If you're ready to ride a bike for fitness but not ready to hunch over like a Tour de France racer or tackle death-defying single-track trails in the mountains, a single-speed, bulbous-tire beach cruiser won't do. You need a "fitness bike," what the industry now calls the broad category that combines the large, fast-rolling 700-C wheels of road bikes, a tough multi-tread tire and the straight handlebars of a mountain bike. Formerly known as hybrids, these lightweight aluminum-frame bikes have become more refined, stylish and specialized; all work for commuting while sporting varying capabilities for pavement and mild dirt paths.
His review of the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX Fitness Bike really caught our attention: 

Trek 7.2 FX: The all-conditions performance fitness bike for road, trail and commuting comes with 24-speed Shimano Alivio drive-train, puncture-resistant tires and mountain-bike style V brakes.
Likes: Fast, quick and balanced on road and mild dirt paths. Like the Specialized, it has more of a leaned-over, high-performance position than the Electra or the Felt, plus just enough style (note the red accents) to feel hip. Fender mounts make it a worthy all-weather commuter. It's also available in a women's model with altered dimensions. The FX's higher-end models have disc brakes and better components. For more off-road capability, go to the Trek 8 Dual Sport bikes, which have a light suspension fork.
Dislikes: None.

Friday, August 10, 2012

2013 Trek 8.1 DS Dual Sport Road/Trail Bike now in at Scheller's!

The brand new Trek DS 8.1 is in at all five Scheller's bike shop locations in Louisville, Lexington and Clarksville IN. Trek Dual Sport bikes are designed for frequent, multi-purpose riding. This is an ergonomic bicycle designed for both comfort and performance. It is fast and efficient on paved surfaces, and capable and confident on trails.
In this short video, hear Scheller's bike experts describe some of the great features on this versatile bike including large tire clearance to accommodate beefier tires, alpha gold aluminum frame with tube shape, ez fire shimoano ef-51 shifter, shimano tourney front derailleur, shimano altus rear derailleur, and more!
Check out what makes the DS 8.1 a great all in one bicycle, popular with fitness riders, commuters, light mountain bikers, and more.

Monday, August 6, 2012

First look at Scheller's 2013 Trek lineup

2013 Trek Madone 6.2...yes, please!

We waited with great anticipation this year for our bike shops in Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville to get the 2013 bicycles that Trek just unveiled, and guess what?...They are rolling in. 
We know Trek's bikes to be quality machines that can be counted on, whether one of their road or mountain bike models. But this year is a special one for improvements and innovations of the Trek models we have grown to love. 
Trek's image since its 2007 has been that of technology-focused design, and in 2013 they continue to deliver bikes with an eye towards cutting-edge technology. The 2013 lineup includes some of the most advanced models yet, breaking through limits of weight and speed. These bikes are light, fast, and sensational.
Get the full break-down of the Trek 2013 model improvements from Bicycle.com, with a drool-worthy gallery. Watch our blog for our announcements about the new models we are stocking at all our five locations.
We hope you will have the chance to stop by and take a look at the 2013 Trek models this summer in the show room. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

2013 Road Bike?? Cardboard? What Do You Think?

Will this bike one day become the cheapest we've ever sold at our Lexington bike shop?
A newly designed bicycle from Israeli entepreneur Izhar Gafni, is made from light-weight, durable, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and waterproof cardboard! Does it sound too incredible to be true? That's exactly what the experts said.
Gafni wanted to create a bicycle that would be too inexpensive to be vulnerable to theft, and began experimenting with building a bicycle out of cardboard boxes. Though he was met with skepticism from the engineers he consulted with, he persevered. He now has a working model- a bonafide bicycle made from cardboard.
The prototype may still undergo more changes, but presently the production cost is about $9 to $12 per bike. Gafni has not yet found a manufacturer to produce the bikes, so it is uncertain what the total cost will be, but Gafni says it will cost less than $90 new.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Team's Sky's success secrets in Tour De France 2012

As our bike shop in Lexington watched the 2012 Tour de France, the winning strategy of Britain's Team Sky stood out among the highlights and notable things about the race this year. Sky's overwhelming success was not only due to some incredible individual performances, but an overall strategy of putting the team first, even when doing so was hard on individual riders.
Bradley Wiggins took home England's first yellow jersey, no big shock to anyone who followed the race. Wiggins had held a comfortable lead for a long distance, over many days. By Saturday, the win was more or less certain, after Wiggins won his second time trial. 
When Wiggins finished, his teammate Chris Froome followed just 3:21 after. The closeness was particularly memorable in light of Wiggins-Froome dynamics which had drawn media attention earlier on in the race.
Froome surpassed expectations with his outstanding performance on mountain climbs, testing Team Sky's winning strategy of pushing Wiggins to the lead. The team's faith was on Wiggins' ability to win the time trials, and Froome was held back in several stages to ensure Wiggins' lead. Tension over this strategy erupted in an catty twitter skirmish between Froome's girlfriend and Wiggins' wife, starting in the 11th stage. 
 Team Sky's teamwork also made its mark when Mark Cavendish was assisted in taking a fourth consecutive stage win on the Champs-Elysees. Wiggins expressed appreciation for Sky's teamwork. "It's magnificent," he said. "For us to finish like this as a team, helping Mark to victory and allowing him to defend his record here... it's incredible."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cyclist injured in shooting determined to ride on

News of the tragic shooting in Colorado has touched our Lexington bike shop. We received the news that a cyclist riding cross country was one of the 50 people injured in the shooting that killed twelve others. 
The cyclist, Stephen Martin of Connecticut, was riding cross country with his travel partner Ethan, and decided to go to the movies with a friend at the Aurora, Colorado theater. Martin was shot in the back of the neck, and sustained other injuries from shrapnel. He underwent surgery for his injuries, and is expected to recover.
He says hopes to continue and finish his cross country ride, which he has been planning for almost three years. Martin said he has not yet been told whether or when he will be able to finish, but he is hopeful. "In some sense, I'd feel like if we can't complete it, it's like the terrorists have really won...I have some scars, but I'll be fine," he said. "I really want to ride."
Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy.  Stephen Martin, we wish you the very best in your recovery and hope to see you riding again soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wiggins in yellow jersey: bike shop Lexington follows Tour de France

Wiggins in yellow jersey/Nicolas Bouvy / EPA / July 18, 2012
Here at our bike shop in Lexington, we've been following the 2012 Tour de France, now in its final days.
In the yellow jersey, Brit Bradley Wiggins survived the steep, arduous 17th stage of the race today, and said he senses the tour is "pretty much over". 
With just three days remaining in the 2012 Tour de France, Wiggins seems to be secure in his lead. Wiggins finished third in the 17th stage, behind teammate Christopher Froome who came in second. Wiggins kept an overall lead of 2 minutes five seconds ahead of Froome.
The remaining stages in the Tour de France are two flat stages and a time trial, with Wiggins is predicted to perform well, especially in the time trial. With any luck, Wiggins will, in just 3 days, be the first Brit to take home the Tour de France yellow jersey.
Alejandro Valverde of Spain enjoyed an emotional victory in the 17th stage today. This tour marks his return from a two year doping ban, and it started out rough with Valverde crashing three times, but still enduring. A teary Valverde said of his win, “It erases all of the past.”

Friday, July 13, 2012

2013 Electra Townie Cruiser Single Speed and 7 Speeds

New in our 2013 lineup is the Electra Townie, available as both a single speed and 7-speed bicycle, for those who would like to be able to traverse hilly areas in comfort. The ever-popular Townie is known for being one of the most comfortable bikes out there, and while its style has been updated for 2013, it is still as cushy a ride as ever. Electra has a patented flat-foot technology for the most ergonomic pedaling position. You will be seated upright on this stylish cruiser, able to enjoy the scenery as you cruise along on beach or street.
Check out the array of colors and accessories available from Electra to bling out your bike. The Townie is all about personal style. Customizing this basic in-town errand and leisure bike with baskets, lights, panniers, saddles and bells heavily encouraged. Come into one of our bike shops in Louisville, Lexington, or Clarksville, IN to take one of our new 2013 bikes for a spin.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.1 and 8.3: Road Bike and Off Road Combined

Scheller's bike shop (Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville, IN locations) introduces the new 2013 Trek Dual Sport series. We are carrying the 8.1 and 8.3 models of this versatile bicycle. The Dual Sport is a light and nimble hybrid bicycle, speedy on the road and tough enough to make it over rough terrain. 
The 2013 DS attractively-styled bike has a generous tire clearance to accommodate chunky tires, a comfortable seat and ride position, great grip, SR Suntour NEX MLO front suspension with lockout mechanism, and Tektro Novela disc brakes.
In short, this bike can take you where you want to go. If you are the type of rider that wants to transition easily from your morning work commute, to some recreational trail-riding, to running weekend errands, this is a bike gives you everything you need. This bike is priced in the mid-range making it a great option for someone who desires quality and versatility in one bicycle for under $700.

Monday, July 9, 2012

2013 Trek Fitness Bike 7.2 FX

We have just the latest 2013 models from Trek in our bike shops in Lexington, Louisville, and Clarksville, IN, including the new Trek Fitness Bike 7.2, Trek's most popular bicycle.
This bike is built for versatility, going easily from road to trail, casual, commuter, fitness or athletic riding. Its combination of comfort, affordability, and versatility make it a great choice for beginning cyclists, but its quality and performance will be appreciated by more experienced riders.
The FX 7.2 has been redesigned for 2013 and features the light Alpha Gold aluminum frame, puncture-resistant tires, and Shimano EF51, 8-speed trigger. The FX is available in a women's specific design, with reach, bar width, saddle and other details designed for female riders' maximum comfort and fit. Priced at under $600, the FX 7.2 gives you a lot of cycling power for a reasonable price.  Come in and take the 2013 model for a spin!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Aston Martin One 77 (the bicycle)

What is the most drool-worthy bicycle in the world? Opinions vary. We might have some contenders at our shop in Lexington, but not every bicycle can be found at a local retailer.
With the legendary sports car manufacturer Aston Martin partnering with  Factor Bikes to introduce the One 77, the question may be already settled.

The One 77, being called "the world's most technologically advanced road bicycle" combines elements of the exclusive Aston Martin One 77 sports car to the world of cycling, such as its construction from a unique ultra light-weight carbon fiber composite, super advanced computer system, and the beautiful design and details you might expect from a bike called One 77. The bike is outfitted with Shimano Dura-Ace components.
The seventy-seven One 77 sports cars have all been sold, with reports of one crashing in Hong Kong last month. The One 77 bicycle, estimated to cost around $40,000 is sure to sell out quickly as well.
Contact Factor with inquiries.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sheller's bike shop Lexington: Tour de France 2012 highlights (w/ video)

Follow the 99th Tour de France with our bike shop Louisville, as the race approaches the end of its first week.
There were plenty of unexpected news developments in the race's lead-up this year.  This year has been marked by a number of special situations including  injuries, changes of teams, and doping charges that stripped Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong of his titles.
The beginning of the race was also full of excitement, with a few crashes, such as a multi-bike pile-up that included Olympic hopeful Mike Cavendish, in the closing of Stage 4. Cavendish emerged from the crash uninjured, but unhappy.
Germany's Andre Greipel won Stage 4, and he came through the finish roaring with emotion over his 1st-ever victory in the Tour de France. He came through victorious again in Stage 5, pulling in front in the final hundred meters in what he called "the hardest sprint of my life."
Stay with our blog in the coming weeks for Louisville's updates on the Tour de France!

2012 Trek 1.5 C Road Bike at Scheller's in Kentucky/Louisiana

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 1.5 C Road Bike.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Check Out the 2012 Trek 8.3 Dual Sport at Schellers Cycling

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 8.3 DS. DS stands for dual sport which means this bike is equally at home on the road or the dirt.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Trek Neko SL Women's Bike Now Available at Schellers

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek Neko SL. Designed for the women who wants to go on the road and the trails, this new bike is designed to handle both well.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The 2012 Trek Marlin 29er Trail Bike is Sure to Please

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek Marlin 29er trail bike from the Gary Fisher Collection, The front fork offers 4 full inches of travel and has a G2 offset for great handling. The bike offers the greatest trail feel of any bike on the market.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Inside Look Into the All New 2012 Trek Gary Fisher Superfly 29er

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek Superfly Aluminum 29er Mountain bike from the Gary Fisher Collection. Fox Forks, oversized handlebars, and a unique Gary Fisher frame geometry make this ride special.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Exclusive Look at the 2012 Trek 1.2 by Schellers in Kentucky

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 1.2 road bike. With an aluminum frame for durability and stiffness, but a carbon fork for comfort, this road bike is a masterpiece of getting you the most for your money.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Best Value! 2012 Trek Carbon 3.1 at Schellers in Louisville

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 3.1 Carbon Road Bike. The first Trek road bike with carbon fiber frame and forks under $2000. You need to come in and ride this bike to get an idea of what a fantastic ride this is for the $$.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Check Out the All New 2012 Trek 2.1 at Schellers

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 2.1 road bike. Drop bars, 20 speeds, easy shifting, bladed spokes are just some of the features on this hugely popular bike at Scheller's

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Check Out the 2012 Trek 7.2 FX at Schellers Cycling

Nathan Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid bike. This bicycle is designed to ride on the pavement and on the trails. It is great for longer rides or just around town. Designed as a fitness bike, you can use this bike for getting in shape, losing a few pounds, or just for a relaxing outing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

All New 2012 Trek 7.3 FX Shown Off by Schellers Cycling

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 7.3 FX Hybrid Bicycle. This bike is great for short rides or for longer trips. Designed for fitness with flat handlebars. All around tires can even take you off the pavement. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

An Exclusive Look at the 2012 Trek 4.5 at Schellers Fitness & Cycling

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek 4.5 Compact Carbon Fiber road bike. This bike will give you speed and durability unmatched by other brands in this class. With a Simano 20 speed Compact drive train, you can ride with the wind on the flats and downhill, but easily navigate the uphill stretches. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See the 2012 Gary Fisher X-Cal at Schellers Cycling in Louisville

Jesse Roberson from Scheller's Fitness and Cycling introduces us to the 2012 Trek X-Cal Mountain BIke. Redesigned for 2012, the shop employees rate this best in class. Rock Shox fork specially made for Trek with GT offset

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bike shop Clarksville, IN: Top Ten Bike Dangers- #5 Red Light of Death

This is part of a series from Schellers bike shop Clarksville, IN  drawn from the website Bicyclesafe.com about staying avoiding the most common car-bike collisions.#5 Red Light of Death
You come to a stop to the right of a car already waiting at a red light or stop sign. They don't see you. When the light turns green, you go forward, and they turn right, right into you. Even small cars can miss seeing you in their blindspot, but this scenario is especially dangerous when it is a bus or truck that you're stopping next to. An Austin cyclist was killed in 1994 when he stopped to the right of a semi, and then it turned right. He was crushed under its wheels.

How to avoid this accident:

Never stop in a car's blind spot. Simply stop behind a car, rather than to the right of it, as in the below diagram. This makes you easily visible to traffic on all sides. It is impossible for the car behind you to miss you when you are directly in front of it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bike shop Louisville: Top Ten Bike Dangers- #4 The Wrong Way Wreck

Schellers bike shop Louisville brings you a report on the most common collisions from the very well researched website Bicyclesafe.com.

You're riding the wrong way (against traffic, on the left-hand side of the street). A car makes a right turn from a side street, driveway, or parking lot, right into you. They did not see you because they were looking for traffic only on their left, not on their right. They did not expect that someone would be coming at them from the wrong direction.
Even worse, you could be hit by a car on the same road coming at you from straight ahead of you. They had less time to see you and take evasive action because they're approaching you faster than normal (because you're going towards them rather than away from them).

How to avoid this wreck:

Don't ride against traffic. Ride with traffic, in the same direction.
Riding against traffic might seem like a good idea because you can see the cars that are passing you, but it is much safer to ride with traffic.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bike shop Louisville: Top Ten Bike Dangers-#3 The Crosswalk Slam

Schellers bike shop Clarksville, IN is presenting a series of biking safety posts from the excellent website Bicyclesafe.com. These tips could save your life!
You're riding on the sidewalk, so you cross an intersection at a crosswalk, and a car makes a right turn, right into you. Drivers aren't expecting cyclists in the crosswalk, and it's hard for them to see you because of the nature of turning from one street to another, so it is very easy for someone to get hit this way.  This collision is very, very common.  One study showed that sidewalk-riding was twice as dangerous as road riding, and another study said it's even more dangerous than that.

How to avoid this collision:

1. Use a headlight for maximum visibility. Many places this is required by law at night.
2. Slow down. Slow down enough that you're able to stop completely if necessary.
3. Its generally wise to avoid the sidewalk. There are exceptions to this when the sidewalk is very long, not requiring you to cross the street, and there are few pedestrians.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike shop Louisville: Top Ten Bike Dangers- #2 The Door Prize

This is part of a series our bike shop in Lexington is doing on how not to get hurt or killed on your bicycle, from the website Bicyclesafety.com. A driver opens their door right in front of you.  You can't stop in time, and run right into it.  This kind of crash is more common and more deadly than you might think:  It's the second-most common car-bike crash in Toronto, and the #1 crash Santa Barbara. The folks at Bicyclesafe.com have compiled a huge list of cyclists killed by car doors opening. Defensive cycling prevents tragedies.

How to avoid this accident:

1. Ride further to the left! As talked about in the first post, riding to the left prevents a number of the most common cycling collisions. Many cyclists feel nervous about moving to the left because of traffic passing them, but it is the safest place to ride.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Value Home Treadmill at Schellers Fitness & Cycling in Louisville

Best Value Home Treadmill
If you are looking for a home treadmill to fulfill all your home fitness needs, look no further than the 2012 AFG 3.1.  Priced under $1000 the AFG 3.1 has all the features and benefits you need at a price you can afford.  As you explore speeds up to 12 mph and inclines up to 15%, you'll love the 3.1's comfy, elastomer-cushioned, 55- by 20-inch deck, its sturdy frame and its 2.75-HP motor. The easy-to-use console delivers motivation, feedback and entertainment with several programs (including intervals, hills and custom courses), contact heart-rate monitoring and an iPod holder, input jack and speakers. And, you can easily fold up this treadmill to store it out of the way when not in use.

Get Those High School Athletes in Shape this Summer with Schellers Fitness

Home Fitness for Your High School Athlete

Summer is approaching and now is the time to motivate those teens to get serious over the summer about there fitness.  Since the mid 1980s treadmills have been gaining popularity as a tool to increase speed for power sports like football, soccer, and basketball. Research has proven that running uphill on a treadmill can increase the muscle activity in quads, glutes, & calf muscles. And with virtually no impact, treadmill training is not only effective in increasing speed and agility, but is extremely safe. Help your high school athlete improve their mechanics, increase strength and conditioning, and overall begin the new school year in top-notch shape without even leaving home.  

Get ideas and check out a few great treadmill workout plans in Fitness Magazine by CLICKING HERE.

May Fitness Sale at Schellers Fitness & Cycling in KY & Louisiana

Get those summer bodies in shape by joining in on our May Fitness Sale.  Steeply discounted prices means you get the equipment you have been dreaming of right inside your home.  Home gyms save time and energy allowing you that daily work out in the comfort of your own home. 

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