Sunday, August 26, 2012

Go anywhere with the 2013 Trek DS 8.4 at Scheller's shops in Louisville, Lexington, and Clarksville

One of the most exciting 2013 bikes Scheller's already has in stock at our five bike shops in Louisville, Lexington, and Clarksville IN is the Trek Dual Sport. Trek Dual Sport delivers precisely what the name suggests- outstanding performance on the road and on the trail. With its upright handle bars and front suspension fork, the bike is also built for comfort on a longer touring or cross country ride. The aluminum frame reduces weight to the minimum possible on a bike in this price range by using hydro forming instead of traditional round tubes.  By changing the shape where necessary, the Gary Fisher designed frame can be wide where necessary for strength, aerodynamically shaped where possible, and narrow and light where weight is the only consideration. 
The DS comes with 27 gears. With such a wide range of options the rider can find the perfect choice for the steepest hills, long gradual climbs, or aggressive downhill action.
If you are looking for a reliable go-anywhere bike, come into Scheller’s and take the DS 8.4 for a test ride.

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