Thursday, February 27, 2014

Canadian Team Claims $250,000 Prize

Human Powered Helicopter - How AeroVelo Won The Prize

The American Helicoptor Society's Igor I. Sikorsky had offered a $250,000 prize for anyone who could create a human-powered Helicopter. Aviation history was made on June 13th by the Canadian Aero Velo team. From humble Kickstarter-funded beginnings, this team is largely comprised of students from the University of Toronto. 

The Sikorsky Prize represents a monumental challenge that requires a level of aerodynamic efficiency that is unheard of in commercial helicopters. A successful Sikorsky Prize helicopter will be able to hover on less than one horsepower.

"No one knows better than we do the enormously difficult engineering and human performance challenges that must be overcome in order to meet these flight requirements." the team said in a statement. "We salute this historic accomplishment of the AeroVelo team and the intense dedication, innovation, research and hard work we know it required."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Trek Domane 4.0 — Carbon Endurance Race Bike At The Right Price

2014 Trek Domane 4.0 — A Stunningly Simple But Superbly Accomplished Design

Domane 4 Series flies past any other carbon endurance race bike in its class, with IsoSpeed for race comfort, endurance geometry for stability, and Power Transfer Construction for speed. Here are some of the features of this awesome bike.

400 Series OCLV Carbon - Over two decades ago, Trek engineers developed our Optimum Compaction, Low Void carbon manufacturing process, enabling Trek to produce carbon bikes with consistency and quality previously thought impossible.

Endurance Fit - As befits Domane, the world’s most advanced endurance racing bike, we’ve developed the world’s most comfortable racing geometry. Still racy, but with a slightly higher head tube. You’re more balanced over the bike for stability, and your back stays more comfortable through the entire ride.

IsoSpeed decoupler - At the core of Domane’s comfort technology is the IsoSpeed decoupler, the result of an 18-month study of how a racing bike performs over rough roads, and how that performance affects the rider.

IsoSpeed fork - It's a one-two punch: generous ride-tuned sweep and shape increases compliance for a smoother ride, and unique dropout placement optimizes the wheelbase.


BB90 Bottom Bracket - Wider is better - BB90 is the widest bottom bracket available on a road bike. This Trek-exclusive carbon BB makes the frame lighter, stiffer, and quicker to accelerate.

Compact Crank - Two front chainrings with shorter gearing, for the best combination of climbing ability and flat-terrain speed.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inspirational - 77-Year-Old Walks Equivalent to Distance Around Globe on Treadmill

A heart attack at just 50-years-old gave Ike Herrick motivation to take control of his health. He is now 77-years old and has an amazing story to tell.

Herrick was told by his doctors that he had to change his lifestyle, or he would lose it. He drastically changed his diet and began an exercise regime that included walking everyday.

"I got to 18,000 miles, (on a treadmill) and I thought, "I wonder what the distance is around the world," said Herrick. He calculated from Austin's 30 degree latitude that he was only 3,477 miles away from reaching that distance - 21,477 miles in only 27 years.

'I said, 'That’s an achievable goal if I can live to the age of 77,'  he said. 'My achievable goal was three miles a day, 15 miles a week or 700 miles a year.'

Thursday, February 6th, Herrick reached his goal. He says, "You don't have to kill yourself exercising, but you gotta have cardio exercise to get your heart rate up every day. It'll allow you to live a lot longer than you would otherwise.

Herrick said it took two treadmills, two cardiologists and about 20 pairs of sneakers to attain his goal, with Dr Rodgers saying his patient's exercise regime has reduced his risk of dying from another heart attack by 25 percent.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

[REVIEW] 2014 Trek Fuel EX 6 29er

The Light, Fast Fuel EX Sets the Bar for MTB Versatility.

This fast-rolling ride is your go-to full suspension trail bike.

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The Fuel EX is a highly-developed bike. There are many years of tweaks and refinements behind it. With an extra-long fork offset, the Trek strikes a great balance between agility and stability.

The downtube has a hefty double curve in it, to give clearance for the bottom of the rear shock at one end and the top of the fork legs at the other. The Fuel EX 6 is equipped with a lot of Shimano Deore parts, which is solid and reliable stuff.

Trek also offers more size options than most manufacturers. It doesn't stop at just S, M, or L. That big size range, and the fitting expertise of the dealer is part of what you pay for with a big mainstream brand like Trek and it's worth noting that the Fuel EX is still available with good 'ol 26in wheels too - something that's suddenly not very common any more.

Come in to Schellers Fitness and Cycling today to see this beautiful bike, as well as Trek's full 2014 lineup of bikes.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Buyers Guide To Indoor Trainers


Welcome Back Cold Weather!

It's always refreshing to revisit the cold months each year. Why you might ask? The cold months are when you get the best use out of indoor cycling trainers. Cycling trainers are a great way to ride at your own pace, get some time on the bike regardless of weather, and not have to deal with the change in daylight hours. Trainers are just a fraction of the cost to new fitness equipment, and you can get a workout that is top grade. Your workout couldn't be easier or more affordable. Pop in a Spinning DVD or just a movie and pedal away. Trainers are lots of fun, easy to use, and compatible with almost every bicycle made. Road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, recumbent bike, they all work. Check out the following trainers from CycleOps.

SuperMagneto Power Trainer
Versatility with an Authentic Road-Like Feel - $399.99
  • Power curve for every rider type and ride type in one trainer
  • Flexible Power Curve Technology lets you adjust resistance curves
  • Easily adjusted for ride or rider type
  • Features Pro Series frame
JetFluid Pro Trainer
Road-Like Performance. Pure and Simple - $379.99
  • Powertuned technology provides smooth, realistic accelerations and inertia
  • Cooler operating temperature delivers long-lasting performance and stable progressive power
  • Pro Series frame offers quick installation

Fluid2 Trainer
The Power Is In You - $339.99
  • New larger flywheel for improved road-like feel
  • Infinite resistance curve
  • Self-cooling mechanisms, including a patented fan design, keep the unit performing better, longer.
  • Cam-Lever tightens resistance unit with one movement
  • Exclusive Power Band technology offers the widest resistance range without ever touching the unit

Magneto Power
Stay Strong All Year Long - $279.99
  • The world's first and only mag trainer with progressive resistance.
  • Exclusive Power Band Technology gives you access to a wide resistance range - from easy spins to lung-burning climbs - without ever touching the unit.
  • Cam-Lever tightens resistance unit with one movement

Mag/Mag+ Trainer
  • New 5-position adjustment makes it easy to vary your workouts
  • Redesigned to deliver even more resistance
  • Training DVD included (US only)
  • Mag+ includes a bar mounted remote shifter