Wiggins in yellow jersey: bike shop Lexington follows Tour de France

Wiggins in yellow jersey/Nicolas Bouvy / EPA / July 18, 2012
Here at our bike shop in Lexington, we've been following the 2012 Tour de France, now in its final days.
In the yellow jersey, Brit Bradley Wiggins survived the steep, arduous 17th stage of the race today, and said he senses the tour is "pretty much over". 
With just three days remaining in the 2012 Tour de France, Wiggins seems to be secure in his lead. Wiggins finished third in the 17th stage, behind teammate Christopher Froome who came in second. Wiggins kept an overall lead of 2 minutes five seconds ahead of Froome.
The remaining stages in the Tour de France are two flat stages and a time trial, with Wiggins is predicted to perform well, especially in the time trial. With any luck, Wiggins will, in just 3 days, be the first Brit to take home the Tour de France yellow jersey.
Alejandro Valverde of Spain enjoyed an emotional victory in the 17th stage today. This tour marks his return from a two year doping ban, and it started out rough with Valverde crashing three times, but still enduring. A teary Valverde said of his win, “It erases all of the past.”


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