Thursday, July 26, 2012

2013 Road Bike?? Cardboard? What Do You Think?

Will this bike one day become the cheapest we've ever sold at our Lexington bike shop?
A newly designed bicycle from Israeli entepreneur Izhar Gafni, is made from light-weight, durable, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and waterproof cardboard! Does it sound too incredible to be true? That's exactly what the experts said.
Gafni wanted to create a bicycle that would be too inexpensive to be vulnerable to theft, and began experimenting with building a bicycle out of cardboard boxes. Though he was met with skepticism from the engineers he consulted with, he persevered. He now has a working model- a bonafide bicycle made from cardboard.
The prototype may still undergo more changes, but presently the production cost is about $9 to $12 per bike. Gafni has not yet found a manufacturer to produce the bikes, so it is uncertain what the total cost will be, but Gafni says it will cost less than $90 new.

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