Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to school bike fittings at Schellers (Lexington, Clarksville, Louisville)

Start your kid's school year off right with a bike fitting!
If your child is riding a small bike, they may find it tiring and uncomfortable to ride. A too large bike can be dangerous, as your child will not have proper control of it.
Our bike shops (Lexington, Louisville, Clarksville) measure bikes to fit the proportions of the rider, and can make adjustments to any part of your bike for better fit, improving your bike's performance and your riding experience.
Every style of bike has different fit guidelines.
Kids’ bikes sizes are based on the wheel size. You can find size using general age guidelines, but it is the child's size, rather than their age, that will determine what size bike they need.
Wheel sizes according to approximate age of child:
14" will fit approx. 4-6 year old
16"- 5-8 year old
18-20"- 7-10-year old
24"- 10 and older

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