Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike shop Louisville: Top Ten Bike Dangers- #2 The Door Prize

This is part of a series our bike shop in Lexington is doing on how not to get hurt or killed on your bicycle, from the website Bicyclesafety.com. A driver opens their door right in front of you.  You can't stop in time, and run right into it.  This kind of crash is more common and more deadly than you might think:  It's the second-most common car-bike crash in Toronto, and the #1 crash Santa Barbara. The folks at Bicyclesafe.com have compiled a huge list of cyclists killed by car doors opening. Defensive cycling prevents tragedies.

How to avoid this accident:

1. Ride further to the left! As talked about in the first post, riding to the left prevents a number of the most common cycling collisions. Many cyclists feel nervous about moving to the left because of traffic passing them, but it is the safest place to ride.

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