Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The secret to bike shop Louisville success

Our bike shop Louisville was recently rated #1 bike shop in the CityVoter Louisville A-List.
We so appreciate the great feedback we get from our customers!
We think that our customer service commitment is a big part of what has made us successful. Our warranty policy guarantees that our bikes, no matter what their price, will be high quality enough to handle normal riding conditions. You might be surprised how many stores cannot make this guarantee. Most big box stores, for example, only offer slightly lower prices, but the quality of the bikes they carry is notoriously poor. Even our lowest-priced bicycles are made well with quality components.
We offer a free early-use tune up on all new bicycle purchases. This is a comprehensive service covering adjustments to all major and minor systems. So don't forget to come in for your free early-use tune-up within 30-90 days of buing your new bike.

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