Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bike shop Lexington: Three Surprise Warm-up Tips

Scheller's bike shop Lexington reveals 3 secret tips about warming up.
1. Less is more
A study released last year showed that the standard 20 minute warm-up routine used by cyclists caused fatigue, and a shorter, less-strenuous warm-up routine produced better peak power output.  
2. Do it inside Riding through busy intersections, across uneven surfaces, through throngs of people, and inclement weather can really reduce the effectiveness of your attempts to warm up at the beginning of your ride. The continuous, controlled warm-up you get inside on a stationary trainer is more effective, and is preferred by many racing cyclists.
3. Intermittent is better than continuous When you pedal continuously as hard as you can and really get your heartrate up, you may feel like you are getting a better warm-up, but evidence points to the contrary. Continuous exercise tires us out , and before we can even perceive it, performance is affected. Instead, try a warm-up of 20 second high intensity pedaling, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 cycles.

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