Bike shop Lexington: Scott reveals meals that let him lose 333 lbs

Our bike shop Lexington spotted this article in TwinCities Business magazine, interviewing Scott Cutshall, who lost 333 lbs through cycling and eating a special meal plan- but he does not call the changes he made a diet. The goal was lifelong health, not to be a certain weight.
He explains how he researched what a person needs in terms of essential vitamins and nutrients, and included all of it in his meals, which are the same each day. Indulgences include daily shot of espresso and glass of wine. Cutshall said he never tires of the menu, as it was designed to include "everything a human craves. There are things that are hot, cold, salty, creamy, chewy, spicy, savory, and crisp."

Breakfast: 1 organic banana; 1 bowl of vegan soup (vegetable stock, dried herbs, rice noodles, pepper sauce, lime juice); 1 espresso — approx. 250 calories
Lunch: Homemade hummus on pita wrap with pan-seared Portobello mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts and mustard; water to drink — approx. 400 calories
Dinner: "The Mega Salad" (1 to 2 pounds of organic romaine lettuce, 2 organic tomatoes, 1 medium bunch of organic spring onions, organic garlic powder, pepper, Caesar croutons); Newman's Own "Lighten Up" Caesar dressing cut 50/50 with water; cup-and-a-half of pasta w/red sauce; 1 glass of wine — approx. 600 calories


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