Friday, May 9, 2014

Aerodynamics. Innovation. Style. The 2014 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 Has All That And More.

**VIDEO REVIEW** 2014 Trek Speed Concept 7.0

The Trek engineer guru's have put together some awesome designs to make you quicker on the road. Simply put, speed concept makes you faster.

The Speed Concept is a full on race tri-bike. From it's full aero wing fork, integrated front brakes, KVF Kammtail Design Frame*, Shimano Compact Crank, Shimano 105 Front and Rear Derialleurs (2x10), this bike will take you to speeds you've only dreamed of.

*The KVF tubes follow an airfoil shape but with the tail chopped off in a design which Trek say saves weight and improves stiffness while also complying with UCI rules. The KVF shape is most noticeable on the downtube but has also been applied to the fork, headtube, seattube and seatstays.

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Come in to Schellers Fitness and Cycling today to see this beautiful bike, as well as their full 2014 lineup of bikes.

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