$3.89 Reasons to Ride Your Bike More

With Gas Prices Steadily Rising, It Hardly Makes Sense To Drive Anywhere!

So maybe we don't actually have 389 reasons, but one big reason is the insane amount of money that gas can cost (and it's going up!)

Reason Number One, Then, is: SAVING MONEY!

If you drive to work 5 days a week, you can use a simple equation to find out how much money you spend on gas per week.
(weekly miles to and from work) / (your car's MPG) x (average gas price) = (money you could be saving)

Here are a few more reasons to ditch your car and ride your bike more.

2. Preparing For Your Day/ Unwinding from Work

Riding your bike to and from work can be therapeutic and even inspiring! On the way to work, the brisk morning exercise can wake you up more effectively than a cup of coffee! When you get to work you will feel more energized and maybe even come up with a solution to that one problem that has been evading you!

On the way home from work, you can use the time on your bike to relax and relieve yourself from any stress your job may cause you. You can take your time, look at the scenery, and reflect on things you'd like to accomplish when you get home.

3. Get Fit and Lose Weight

According to the International Bicycle Fund, commuters who begin to ride their bicycles to and from work lose an average of 13 pounds during their first year of commuting.

If you are planning to do a road race, cross-training is also a great way to build a cardiovascular endurance and work muscle groups you may not use while running alone.

4. Lessen Your Environmental Impact

One less car on the road. Help cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the nation's dependence on oil.

Traffic congestion wastes nearly 3.9 BILLION gallons of gas per year in the US alone.

For every 1 mile pedaled rather than driven, nearly 1 pound of Carbon Dioxide is saved. (US Environmental Agency, 2009)

Get Started Now With The Rest of the Nation During National Bike Month!

Is that enough reasons to ditch your car and start riding? Can you think of other reasons? We'd love to know your favorite reason for riding your bike. 


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