Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[VIDEO REVIEW] 2014 Trek X-Caliber 5 Gary Fisher Sieres Bike

Kyle from Schellers Fitness and Cycling explains the ins and outs of one of Trek's most dependable bikes: the 2014 Trek X-Caliber 5.

Trek has spent 15 years developing the rendition of the bike that it is today. It's got G2 geometry for increased handling at low speed, yet maintains stability at higher speeds. The 29" wheels and the RST Blaze front fork eat up a lot of the bumps on the road, and the Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes with Tektro adjustable reach alloy levers will stop you even in wet and muddy conditions.

There is so much more to this great bike: You should come to Schellers Fitness and Cycling to take one for a test ride!!

Video Produced by Randy Kirk and Associates

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