How To Improve Your Bike Handling Skills

Playing on your bike and improving your bike handling skills isn't just for kids on BMXs - being a skillful cyclist has benefits for everyone who rides a bike.

Matt and Simon from Global Cycling Network have picked 5 key skills for you to get out and work on. So, head out on your bike, work on a couple of these and let us know how you get on!

1. Ride With No Hands

 Going no handed is a usefull skill in itself, and really helps with your bike handling. The best way to start is to go One-Handed. This allows you to eat and drink properly when riding.

Riding no handed may not make you do too much extra, but it will improve your handling and give you a really great feel for the bike.

2. Ride A Straight Line

Sure, most of us can ride in a relatively straight line. But can you ride in an actual straight line? Try it. Find a white line on the shoulder side of the road and try your hardest to stay on that line.

The faster you go, the easier it gets. As you get better, then, you should slow down and really hone in on your balance. You will notice this practice paying dividends when you are riding in a group, or in traffic.

For an added challenge, try looking behind you while riding in a straight line.

3. Ride Slow

Even when you aren't riding in a straight line, simply riding very, very slowly is a good way to improve your balance and bike handling ability. So practice riding at about 1-2 mph. If you get good at this, it will greatly improve your confidence in slow speed situations, particularly in traffic.

4. Bunny Hop

Being able to bunny hop will impress any small children around you, but it is more important than that. When you are riding, you will come across potholes, speed bumps and curbs — sometimes at the worst time possible. In the most extreme cases, knowing how to bunny hop could save your life.

 5. Skidding

Skidding a road bike is one of the last things you WANT to do. However, being able to handle it if necessary is a great skill to have. Practice on grass so you don't ruin your bike if you fall.

Check out the Video HERE:


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