Hydrate Properly To Stay In The Best Shape And Avoid Cramps!

1 to 2 quarts may not seem like a lot of water sweat while working out, but it is more important than you think! It's even more important to make sure you replace the electrolytes and nutrients that you lose while you are sweating out that water. Energy Drinks like Gatorade can help replenish these nutrients.

Find an energy drink you like. If you buy something that doesn't taste good, you may not drink enough while working out, if at all. Make sure it's one you enjoy because if it tastes good, you will drink more. These drinks also contain carbohydrates that fuel the muscles.

You may be carrying energy drinks in both of your waterbottles. If this is the case, you should lower the concentration of your second bottle, because as your workout progresses, you will likely want less flavor and sweetness in your drink. Especially if you're riding hard, as too rich a mixture could upset your stomach and even slow down or prevent water absorption.

BEFORE you get to the big race or event, make sure you experiment with different energy drinks. If you find one that doesn't bother your stomach, you can be sure that you won't cramp up on the ride. Remember that bottles aren't your only option! Experiment with hydration packs too, they have a larger capacity and are easier to drink out of for those bumpy off-road races and rides.

How can you know if you are properly hydrated? Check your urine. It should be pale yellow or clear. If it is dark or has a smell, you need to be drinking more water. (Though vitamin pills can have a coloring effect) Urinating during the night before the event is a good sign of being properly hydrated.

On those hot summer days, put your waterbottles in the freezer the night before the race. You can also use insulated bottles or hydration system. If you choose to freeze your bottles, fill only half way so you can top it off with drink before the ride. The ice in the bottom will chill the liquid for a while. Ice in a hydration pack can also help cool your torso.


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