Monday, June 24, 2013

AWESOME Deals on Bikes at Scheller's Fitness and Cycling!

Check Out All These Great Deals At Scheller's Fitness and Cycling!



 2013 Trek Domane 4.5                    2013 Mirraco 87                              2013 Trek Jet 20
 ONLY $2599.99!                             ONLY $659.99!                              ONLY: $189.99    

         2013 DOMANE 4.0

Come on over to Scheller's Fitness and Cycling. We've got what you want, and at a price that you want. We'd love to help you with your bike purchase from start to finish. Come by today to any of our locations. We have four locations in Kentucky: two in Louisville, and two in Lexington. In Indiana we have two locations: Clarksville, and Evansville.

Don't wait. Come to one of our stores today and let one of our friendly staff members help you achieve your fitness goals, by helping you take the first step!