Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 2013 Special: Treadmill with Desk 25% OFF

2013 Lifespan Treadmill With Desk. Work and Workout Have Never Been Closer!

Work while you workout!  Don't just kill time watching TV, get something done.  Set up your computer on this bluetooth enabled work station, then turn on the treadmill and turn on your brain.  Work out all of you at one time.  Read your emails.  Check out what's happening on FB.  Write the great novel.  
Do you know that you can create from one to two pages of your next best selling book written in just an hour?  So, while you are spending an hour on your workout, you can be writing a page in the book.  In 25 days you'll have an ebook written.  In 150 days a novella.  After just 225 days of working out, you will be looking great for your photo ops and television interviews regarding your new hardback book.   

Or, use your Facetime, Skype, or Hangout to prove to the entire world that you are actually on the treadmill.  Hold meetings on Hangout while you burn calories and improve you definition.  

No matter what kind of work or play you might want to combine, Games, social media, YouTube cat videos, or soap operas, this new Desktop version of the LifeSpan treadmill will make both more fun and productive.

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