What you need to know about the hardtail mountain bike- Lexington

Before buying a mountain bike in Lexington, you will have to decide if you are a hardtail or a full suspension kind of rider. Your bike’s suspension is what keeps your tires grounded and cushions the bumps when going over rough road or trail. In this post we will explore hardtail bikes, which are bikes with rigid frame and front-only suspension. In an upcoming post we will describe the full suspension system.
Suspension used to be a simple choice: serious bikers chose hardtail. It was the bike of every world champion off-road cyclist. In the past 12 years there has been so much great advancement in full suspension, it has really leveled the playing field. Now you have to make the tough decision of which side you will come down on!
People choose hardtail bikes because they are super light, super tough, fast-pedaling, and comparably cheap. The simpler design and greater sensitivity appeals to some riders.
Dirt-jumpers tend towards the hardtail due to its durability and simplicity. Hardtails are often chosen for off-road trails, single track, and racing as well.
Hardtail is still common in competition due to its no-nonsense, light, responsive design. Beginners may choose hardtail for it basic, low-maintenance design, for its sensitivity to terrain, and its budget-friendliness.
Stay tuned for our upcoming post about the plush, fierce full suspension ride…


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